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Jennifer Tree Cuthbert is America's Sweetheart; a top fashion model and ubiquitous cover girl who is adored by millions, Jennifer possesses all of the wealth and power that comes with being a natural, world class beauty.

Every girl wants to be Jennifer, and every man wants to have her - one more than all others combined. That man has been lying in wait for precisely the right moment to strike, and when Jennifer makes the fateful mistake of stepping out on her own at a Soho charity event he finally sees the opportunity to take possession of his most prized object.

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Drugged, taken, and placed in a cell where she is forced to endure unspeakable mental and physical torture, Jennifer struggles against her twisted tormentor with every ounce of courage and fight that she has - but will it be enough for her to endure should her captor continue to maintain the upper hand? A controversial film long before it ever went into wide release, Captivity caused quite a stir when graphic, unapproved ads for the film appeared on billboards and taxi cabs in New York and Los Angeles.

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Though representatives from Captivity's releasing company After Dark Films claimed that the wrong materials were shipped to anti aging swiss chase csúzli printers and put up before they realized what had happened, public outcry was such that the MPAA saw fit to suspend the ratings process for the film.

As a result, it quickly became apparent that Captivity would fail to procure an MPAA rating before it's original target release date.