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Hungarian First Lines Index General Index I would like to thank Fanni Radnti for Preface is invaluable in introducing the entrusting me with her husbands complete English reader unfamiliar with Radnti, to poetical works, and for allowing me the his life and work, and more importantly opportunity to translate his poems.

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By re- places the poems in a broader social and his- viewing my early exploratory translations and torical context. We are the beneciaries of his then giving me permission for the entire proj- extensive knowledge as he identies the pri- ect, she allowed me to realize a long-held mary motifs in Radntis work while at the quixotic dream, one that I was nally able to same time providing insights into the com- pursue during these past ve years.

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For almost plex psychological dynamics that underlie 70 years until her death on February 15,his poems. The parallels that he draws she was the guardian of his memory and between Radntis ouvre and that of the con- legacy, patiently shepherding his work into fessional poetry of important American poets the publics consciousness.

She was the muse of the s and s is revelatory and crit- that inspired many of his poems and since his ical to understanding Radntis relevance to death faithfully continued to carry the torch world literature.

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It places it beyond the con- she once carried in her husbands imagina- nes of the Finno-Ugric language that con- tion, one that illuminated the profundities of tinues to isolate Hungary and its rich literary love and nature, as well as the darkest recesses tradition from much of the English-speaking of mens minds. I also thank and acknowledge Gyz Fer- Two writers must be singled out for having encz for his masterful editing and compila- devoted their passion and their creative ener- tion of Radntis works in his book Radnti gies to advancing Radntis legacy by writing Mikls sszegyjttt versei s versforditsai monumental books on the subject.

Their [Mikls Radntis Collected Poems and Trans- work provided me with invaluable contextual lations], published by Osiris Kiad in Buda- insights, ones that I relied upon throughout pest.

My now-dog-eared copy of his book my project as I tackled the translations and served as the foundation for my translations.

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It was because of them, and Gyz Fer- answer any questions and generously pro- encz, that I felt I was not alone on those many vided me with information on various indi- nights when the context of a poem eluded me viduals and obscure locations cited in the and I despaired of not doing full justice to poems, as well as on individuals to whom the Radntis spirit or words.

Emery Georges poems are dedicated, all of which have been pioneering and exhaustive book The Poetry critical to the development of this book.

His of Mikls Radnti: A Comparative Study, xv stands as the touchstone for anyone who ever-evolving manuscript. He reviewed, over seeks to understand Radntis work and the many months, the entire Hungarian section forces that shaped him.

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Similarly, Zsuzsanna of the text and helped organize the various Ozsvths elegant In the Footsteps of Orpheus: sections of the book to make the editing The Life and Times of Mikls Radnti melds process more coherent and less burdensome. Most important, he prodded me when I must thank Osiris Kiad for giving me my energies agged, assuring me that the permission to publish in its entirety the book would not write itself. Although this is edition of Radnti Mikls sszegyjttt versei an oft used and hackneyed phrase, in his par- s versfordtsai [Mikls Radntis Collected ticular case it can be said with total convic- Poems and Translations], edited by Gyz tion that the book would not have been Ferencz, that serves as the Hungarian section written without his faithful and dogged assis- in my manuscript.

I also thank Fanni Radnti tance nor his encouragement. In closing, I wish to acknowledge my Fanni Radnti kindly provided photographs father, Francis Barabas, and my mother Gi- as well. Every and support as I disappeared for stretches of page of this book is informed by the memory time into the misty purgatorial world that lies of babe anti wrinkle lifting cream kullananlar relatives who died in Auschwitz, in between Hungarian, my mother-tongue, and forced labor camps, and on death marches English, my gifted language.

From an early age I have Some of these translations have appeared consciously sought to be a vessel through previously, including Welcome the Day! Jennifer Tardi- dor Frischmann; my maternal great-great buono is also to be acknowledged for assisting grandmother, Eszter Karfunkel Frischmann; with incorporating the errata into the Hun- my maternal great uncle, Jen Roth; my garian manuscript.

Czeisler, and their children Gyrgy and va; Gabor Barabas This page intentionally left blank Foreword by Gyz Ferencz There can be little doubt that it is his last Forch, in her anthology Against Forgetting: poems that elevate Mikls Radnti to the Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness,3 refers high rank that he deserves in literature.

His to Radnti as a major Hungarian poet of the poetry in its nal dnouement created a Holocaust, along with admittedly better- matchless unity of life and literature. He was own murder at the hands of his guards, and productive throughout his three tours of articulates the tragedy of his senseless death labor service, and his poems and the diary from a point that is virtually beyond that bor- that he kept with meticulous care are both der.

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His last ten poems were written in a note- extraordinary attempts at placing poetry and book discovered on the exhumed body of the life side by side. His last poems, and in par- murdered poetand contained the text in ticular Tredk, written on May 19,ve languages with the opening line of the the day before he left for his third, and nal English text smeared into illegibility: [The tour of forced labor, and the poems in the Babe anti wrinkle lifting cream kullananlar nder is kindly requested to forward this notebook were not the products of an unex- notebook, which] contains the poems of the pected, inexplicable aring up of creativity Hungarian poet Mikls Radnti to Mr.

Hornszky u.


I thank you he had been developing since adolescence. Originally his family name was conjoined in a unique manner. Glatter, and his father, Jakab Glatter was The signicance that Radnti has for employed at the textile wholesale company world literature is shown by the fact that even owned by his brother-in-law Dezs Grsz.

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His grand- international literary consciousness. Carolyn father, Jns Glatter, was an innkeeper in 1 2 Foreword by Gyz Ferencz Radnt, part of the county of Gmr-Kishont with the brother of his stepmother from today Radnovce in Slovakia.

His mother untilat which time his maternal uncle, and twin brother died at his birth, a fact that Dezs Grsz, was appointed his guardian and haunted him and his poetry throughout his Radnti moved into babe anti wrinkle lifting cream kullananlar apartment of his life.

There is no reliable surviving source to great-grandaunt.

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This remained his regis- document whether after birth Mikls was tered address until his marriage. What is known is that inmother and twin brother became a recurrent two years after his birth, his father remarried. He elaborated on this most fully a Jewish family in Transylvania and in in his short story, Gemini, which reveals their daughter, gnes, was born.

At ls did not know that Ilona was not his bio- the very age that the components of his per- logical mother until the age of twelve when sonality were about to be solidied, these in July his father unexpectedly died of experiences profoundly inuenced his view apoplexy.

A gazda odalep az autohoz, kinyitja az ajtot. A kutyanak bent kell maradnia, majd a gazda elfordul es ellep 8 metert az autotol hattal a kutyanak es bejelentkezik a bironal. Csaladtol, baratoktol, jo kedvtol, vidamsagtol mentes idoszakot tudhatunk magunk mogott.

Radnti, as he described in his of his relation to the world and to himself. In the months following his during these years that he started to write fathers death Radnti lived with various rel- poems. His earliest works were published in atives, one of whom nally revealed to him various student journals, and he joined a stu- that his mother died during his birth, that dent association of literature which released Ilona Molnr was his stepmother, and that a home-printed journal Halads Progress.

The fact that his The ideas that the members shared amalga- twin brother also died at birth was not mated left-wing sentiments and philosophies revealed to him until three years later. As his with the teachings of Jesus and Hindu mys- foster mother could not provide for two chil- ticism, and all these inuences had a specic dren alone, the family considered it advisable impact on him.

Miklós Radnóti - The Complete Poetry in Hungarian and English

The and in Ilona remarried. She remained in contact with of pastoral poetry. The volume was intro- Radnti until the end of their lives. Both duced by a motto taken from the book Jesus Ilona and gnes perished in Auschwitz in by Henri Barbusse, the same year of Radntis murder in a which formulated the concept of goodness.

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In nd University in Budapest, but he was his third book, Lbadoz szl Convalescent denied admission because he was Jewish. He Windpublished inhe included some was, however, able to enroll in the University of the poems of the previous, conscated col- of Szeged, a major town in the Southeast lection.

He immediately wrote his PhD dissertation on Margit Kaffka became a member of the leftist studenta Hungarian poet and novelist. One-third of the book reviews was at the same time deeply inuenced by his that he published between the late s and professor of modern Hungarian literature, early s took for its subject books written Sndor Sk, who was a respected scholar, by women, a percentage that far exceeded the poet, priest, and member of the Piarist order.

The dark side of his university years was the After receiving his doctorate and marrying rising anti Semitism that led to repeated Fanni Gyarmati, Radnti tried to make a liv- Jew-beatings at the university organized by ing by writing, but his only stable income was racist Turulist associations with impunity.

He was never able to obtain a job torok neke Song of Modern Shepherdswas as an editor or teacher because of the anti published in Only a few weeks after its Semitic laws and restrictions in most profes- publication the public prosecutor began an sions.