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Application of the equal pay principle through pay transparency measures Briefing This briefing provides an initial analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the impact assessment IA accompanying the Commission proposal for a directive aimed at strengthening the application of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between nyilatkozat impot forrás suisse anti aging and women, enshrined in Article of the Treaty of Rome. Following two negative opinions of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board and an exceptional third positive one, the IA provides a good problem definition.

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The IA coherently Updating the Crypto Assets Regulation and establishing a pilot regime for distributed ledger technology Briefing The markets in crypto assets MiCA proposal intends to adapt to the latest technological trends in the FinTech sector. The IA is quite technical and difficult to read for a non-expert.

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The policy options were compared against the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and coherence, but not against proportionality, which is required by the better regulation guidelines. The preferred European gender equality strategy and binding pay transparency measures - Pre-legislative synthesis of national, regional and local positions on the European Commission's initiatives Briefing This briefing forms part of an EPRS series offering syntheses of the pre-legislative state of play and consultation on key European Commission priorities during the current five-year term.

It konverzió brut net svájci anti aging the state of affairs in the relevant policy field, examines how existing policy is working on the ground, and, where possible, identifies best practice and ideas for the future on the part of governmental organisations at all levels of European system of multi-level governance. EPRS analysis of the In this light, it is regrettable that the impacts on SMEs, competitiveness, or territorial impacts are not discussed in the impact assessment.

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As most innovation activities managed by EIT take place in 5 countries only, improved regional outreach is one of the objectives of this The notes on quality, research and analysis of the impact assessment concluded that the range of options, the scope and analysis of impacts, and the stakeholder consultation seem to be not always in line with the Better Regulation Erasmus Briefing The focus of the new Erasmus programme is on inclusiveness and on better reach of young people with fewer opportunities.

The priorities and action steps of the new programme are described in the impact assessment in detail, however, no description is given on the actual operation of these actions in practice.

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Revision of the Explosives Precursors Regulation Briefing Explosives precursors can be found in various chemical products used by consumers, general professional users, and industrial users, for example, in detergents, fertilisers, special fuels, lubricants and greases, water treatment chemicals.

They can be used by terrorists to nyilatkozat impot forrás suisse anti aging home-made explosives HME. In April the European Commission put forward a proposal for a new regulation, accompanied by an impact assessment IA and an evaluation, which have been performed at the same time.

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Multi-annual plan for western Mediterranean demersal fisheries Briefing The development of a multiannual plan as the preferred policy choice seems rather pre-determined, as such plans are a priority measure for the sustainable management of fish stocks under the current CFP. The description of the impacts of the options provides certain quantitative data. However, not enough details are given in the impact assessment on the financial impacts on the fishermen and the fleets, including broken-down information per country, or on ancillary jobs, such as servicing the vessels The proposal aims to increase the market uptake of clean — low- and zero-emission — vehicles in the context of public procurement operations, thus contributing to reduction of transport emissions, as well Import of cultural goods Briefing This note seeks to provide an initial analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the European Commission's impact assessment IA accompanying the above proposal, adopted on 13 July and now under discussion in Parliament and Council.

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The proposal aims to prevent the import and storage in the EU of cultural goods illicitly exported from a third country, in order to reduce trafficking in cultural goods, combat terrorism financing and protect cultural heritage, especially archaeological objects Továbbiak betöltése.