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szakma mentő suisse anti aging

Recommended Articles Background and aims The usage of smartphones has increased rapidly in recent years, and this has brought about addiction. The aim of the current study was to investigate the relationship between smartphone use severity and sleep quality, depression, and anxiety in university students.

All participants were evaluated using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory; moreover, participants other than those in the smartphone non-user group were also assessed with the Smartphone Addiction Scale.

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Results The findings revealed that the Smartphone Addiction Scale scores of females were significantly higher than those of males. Depression, anxiety, and daytime dysfunction scores were higher in the high smartphone use group than in the low smartphone use group.

szakma mentő suisse anti aging

Positive correlations were found between the Smartphone Addiction Scale scores and depression levels, anxiety levels, and some sleep quality scores.

Conclusions The results indicate that depression, anxiety, and sleep quality may be associated with smartphone overuse. University students with high depression and anxiety scores should be carefully monitored for smartphone addiction.

szakma mentő suisse anti aging

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